Looking to improve your online store?

I will work with you to understand your business goals and perform analysis of your existing solution, in order to generate recommendations for improvement.

Examples of improvements I could assist with could involve looking at conversion rate optimisation, identifying opportunities to stabilize cash flow and sales throughout the year, enhancing store UX for your customers, or simply help launching a new product / feature on your store. 

I can also work with third party solutions such as email providers or store enhancement plugins to  help you use these services in the most effective way possible. 

Strategy is at the heart of what I do, so whatever your business needs or targets are, I can help you map out how to get there and improve how you are selling online. 

If you already have an e-commerce solution in place, I can help you to optimize it based on your business needs. 


I will work with you to develop long or short term strategic e-commerce plans that are aligned with business goals.


I can identify areas of improvement in order to optimise your store conversion rate, including possible implementation of third party solutions such as email marketing tools. 


I can help you to understand your store traffic, including how to both acquire and retain customers on your store, and how to drive repeat purchases using tools such as Google Analytics. 

sales funnel review

I can review the core purchase flow on your store, and generate recommendations for improvements in order to optimise sales.

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I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne however available to travel throughout the UK (also available for remote working if required.)


Registered provider for the North East Business Support Fund